2021/2022 Corporate and Individual Supporters

The below list captures our 2020/2021 Corporate and Individual donors. These folks rock! And help make our winter-loving community a safer place by supporting daily forecasts, classes, and events. 

2021-2022 Granting Partners

Great Fish Challenge and the Whitefish Community Foundation

We are so grateful for our winter-loving community and the support you show us through this annual campaign. While these folks' donations are recognized through the Whitefish Community Foundation, we like to include them in the below list since they play a huge role in making this work possible. 


BNSF has been a long supporter of avalanche safety and the avalanche center. Working closely together on weather stations, observations, and more throughout the years. We are grateful to add them to our list of granting partners for the 2021-2022 season. 


Whitefish Convention and Visitors Bureau

The WCVB is supporting the 21-22 season with signage at popular trailheads (coming soon!), support of the fireside chats, our facilitated community debrief chats, and the Northern Rockies Snow and Avalanche Workshop. 

Diamond - Sponsors who donated more than $3,000

(This could be you! Hit the "Donate" button to become a Diamond Sponsor)

Platinum - Sponsors who donated between $2000 to $2999

Gold - Sponsors who donated between $1000 to $1999

Applied Materials Foundation Dow & Becky Smith-Powell
Tom & Teresa Quinn Fund

Silver - Sponsors who donated between $500 to $999

D.L. Morgan Revocable Trust Denise and Jandy @ RMO
Felicia Ennis Josie Bestwick Malzahn Charitable Trust North Valley Hospital Foundation
Richard and Lisa Steiner

Bronze - Sponsors who donated between $250 to $499

Alan Meyers-Davis Gaia GPS Kent and Kim Taylor Weston Backcountry
Charles Hlavac Grant and Abby Hughes Seth Carbonari Wheelie Creative
Colorado Mountain College James and Catherine Heitel Foundation Steven Lefever Whistling Andy
Eli & Jai Chisholm John and Kate Rosso

Copper - Sponsors who donated between $100 to $249

Adam & Aubrey Clark Edgar Heger (in memory of Rob O'Neill) Karen Black Scott and Jane Wheeler
Aidan Myhre Erik Sanders Kim Givler Scott Rowley
Alexander Corbelli Erin & Noah Bodman Kim and Jan Richards Stephen & Christine Shea
Annika Silverman Fred and Sarah Jones Kramer Family Fund Sydney Lillard and Karen Perser
Bill Sugars Glacier Mortgage Larry and Val Parsons Tamarack Foundation, Inc.
Cary and Annell Danczyk Grady, David and Linda Engh-Grady Leslie and Will Hunt Tanya and Judah Gersh
Chris Gotschalk Hidden Moose Lodge Lynda Montgomery Terry Knupp
Dan and Ann Fagre Jesse and Kevin Oberholser Matt and Saddie Baldwin The Belanger Boys
Dan Short Joseph and Deanne Sramek Mow Family The Landlord
Danielle Coffman Joshua Nielsen Ron Bachrach Timothy Strand and Susan Pfirman

Additional Supporters - Sponsors who donated between $1 and $99

Alice Ford Gabriel Dillon Laura Bell Steven Cook
Ben Johnson Gary B Moore Libby Fields Terry Chute & Jane Kollmeyer
Beth Sobba Genevieve Bennett Louis Schmidt The Struss Family
Brandon and Kathryn French Gordon Johnson Martha Hunt The Urbanski Family
Brian and Heidi Miller Hans Fischer Mary Winter The ZaneRay Group
Brooke and Charlie Hoving Ian and Antonia Dennis Matthew Brake Tim and Ali Good
Carl and Kellsey Perkins Jennifer Parsons Meg Killen Tim and Hilary Shaw
Charles and Linda Maetzold Jenny Cloutier Mike & Josie Bestwick Trent Miller
Chris Gotschalk Jer Lundgren Mike and LJ McClellan Trevor and Kacy Howard
Chris Holdhusen Jeremiah Martin Nathan & Betsy Russell and Kids Uriah Rosenzweig
Chuck and Rita Stearns John Muhlfeld and Stephanie Sunshine Pete Francisco Will and Bonnie Smith
David and Heidi Hust Family Judah Gersh Rebecca Briber Will Urbanski
Don Lewis Kate Atha Richard & Glenda Gehri William and Catherine Love
Donald Lewis Keith Meehan Sam and Julie Tickle William Thomas
Doug Griesel Kelly & Marc O'Brien Sam Kavanagh Woody's Weeds and Woods
Elizabeth Pitman Kelsey Grode Sam Watson and Carson Ramsden Zak Anderson
Elizabeth Sasseman Designs Kenny Gasch Scott and Caroline Lawhead