The Great Fish Challenge

Running July 31 through September 18, the Great Fish Challenge is a community fundraiser with a matching grant provided by the Whitefish Community Foundation. This is the best time of year to support our mission to save lives through avalanche information and education. Thank you to everyone who supported us through the Great Fish Challenge! 


The below list if our 2020/2021 Corporate and Individual donors. These folks rock! And help make our winter-loving community a safer place. 

Extreme - Sponsors who donated more than $500

Jean Agather
AGL Foundation Phyllis and Walter Malzahn Charitable Trust
Al Matarazzo Richard and Lisa Steiner
Dow & Becky Smith-Powell Tamarack Foundation, Inc.
Felicia Ennis Tom & Teresa Quinn

High - Sponsors who donated between $250 and $499

Fred Jones Raymond and Florence Sponberg Foundation Sierra Nevada Brewing
Bill and Betsy Bayne Kent and Kim Taylor Richard & Cheryl Gordon Stumptown Snowboards
Don & Colleen Scharfe National Ski Patrol Seth Carbonari Whitefish Mountain Resort

Considerable - Sponsors who donated between $100 and $249

Abbey Hughes Glacier Mortgage Kevin Oberhoiser Ron Bachrach
Adam Steerer Hidden Moose Lodge Kim Givler Sacred Waters Brewing Company
Alan Meyers-Davis Hungry Horse-Glacier View Employee Association Kim and Jan Richards Scott and Jane Wheeler
Alexander Gray and Cameron Blake James & Catherine Heitel Larry Parsons Selah Charitable Trust
Annika Silverman Jeff Carlson and Cheri DuBeau Carlson Maggie Doherty Tamarack Foundation
Bill Sugars Jeremy Rossman Marc & Kelly O'Brien Terry Chute & Jane Kollmeyer
Bill Sugars Jim Watson & Carol Bibler Matt and Saddie Baldwin Terry Knupp
Bonfire Restaurant Joshua Nielsen Mike and Lindsey Hromadka The Towne Printer
Cary and Annell Danczyk Josie Bestwick Morgan Devonna Timothy Strand and Susan Pfirman
Charles and Linda Maetzold Karen Perser Nathan Drendel Will & Leslie Hunt
D.L. Morgan Revocable Trust Katie Callahan North Valley Hospital Foundation Wink & Joy Jordan
Erin & Noah Bodman Ken & Karen McFadden Robert Novy

Moderate - Sponsors who donated between $50 and $99

Adam & Aubrey Clark Brian Miller Louis Schmidt Randy Gayner
Applied Materials Foundation Chantel McCormick Meg Killen Robert and Christy O'Neil
BoLars Matson Jenny Cloutier Pete Francisco Stan and Liz Makman

Low - Sponsors who donated between $25 and $49

Andrea DiNiro Doug Griesel Judah Gersh Rebecca Briber
Brigid Fray Gabriel Dillon Keith Meehan Rebecca Powell
Bruce Lieffring & Brenda Wink Genevieve Bennett Lloyd & Stephanie Morsett Richard & Glenda Gehri
Charles Logan Helen Pilling Matt Kennedy Shanon Donaldson
Cindy Woods Jane Hunt Matthew Brake The Cuisine Machine/Last Chair
Clare Manzel Jennifer Parsons Megan Eandi Travis Vaughn
Deborah Huntington Jeremiah Martin