Get Involved

Here are the top three ways to show up for avalanche safety


Share what you saw 

Field observations—the lifeblood of any center—help validate predicted avalanche activity, alert forecasters to snowpack and weather variations, and ultimately enable forecasters to provide accurate descriptions of avalanche hazards.

Join the board or a committee

This is the best way to roll up your sleeves and add capacity. Get started by joining our NRSAW or Education committees, which are open to the public. If you’re keen to invest more time, the FOFAC Board of Directors is seeking new members with legal or development experience.



Join us!

We believe that a more connected avalanche community is more informed and more resilient. We kick off the season with the Northern Rockies Snow & Avalanche Festival in November, and have a full calendar through early March. Many of our events are free and open to everyone.