Outstanding Observers

We offer a heartfelt thank-you to everyone taking the time to share at the end the day. Your time and thoughtfulness are deeply appreciated not just by the center but the whole community

2023/24 Public Observers of the Month

Pete Costain, December

Cyros Strickland, January

Al Goretex, February

Jake Frerk, March

Forecaster’s Choice Award
Tom Whipple helped with the Tunnel Ridge weather station rebuild (twice), assisted forecasters in the field, and submitted many high-quality observations.

15+ Observations
Adam Clark, Chris Gotschalk, Kevin Oberholser, Jackson George, Zach Miller, Alex Slader

10+ Observations
David Steele, Burket Kniveton, Tom Whipple, Jacob Malkin, Josh Lanney

5+ Observations
Pete Costain, J Mills, Jake Frerk, Jay Sandelin, Kim Givler, David Kerner, Joel Anderson, Sara Boilen, Northwest MT Adventures, Paul Fotter

Forecaster’s Choice Award
Chris Gotschalk, reporting from his snow study plot in the Swan Range, consistently contributed valuable information throughout the season. 

15+ Observations
Adam Clark, Zach Dugan, Jackson George, Rob Millsbaugh, Kevin Oberholser 

10+ Observations
Paul Fotter, Jeff Metsky, Erich Peitzsch 

5+ Observations
Ian Bartling, Dan Cameron, Pete Costain, Jake Frerk, Kim Givler, David Kerner, Burket Kniveton, Zach Miller, Mike Reavis, David Steele, Sarah Williams, Tom Whipple

15+ Observations
Jackson George, Chris Gotschalk, Kevin Oberholser, Alex Slader, David Steele 

5+ Observations
Mark Ambre, Joel Anderson, Adam Clark, Paul Fotter, Jake Frerk, Kim Givler, Rob Millsbaugh, Jeremy Primmer, Mike Reavis, Ryan Spencer, Sarah Williams, Tom Whipple

12+ Observations
Kevin Oberholser, Brad Lamson, Jake Frerk 

3+ Observations
Mark Ambre, Nathan Basford, Kyle Bitney, Adam Clark, Jenny Cloutier, Alice Ford, Kim Givler, Jackson George, Brad Lamson, BoLars Matson, David Micahlove. Alan Myers-Davis, Kevin Oberholser, Brian Parker, Jeremy Primmer, Michael Reavis, Alex Slader David Steele, Sarah Williams

Special Thanks to These Local Avalanche Workers!

Ted Steiner and Adam Clark (BNSF Railway and Dave Hamre Associates)

Lloyd Morsett, Keegan Zoellner, and the Whitefish Mountain Resort Ski Patrol

Erich Peitzsch, Zach Miller, Gabrielle Antonioli, and Jon Hageness (USGS/GNP Going-to-the-Sun Road program)

Charles Hlavac, Mike Maierhofer, and the Teton Pass Ski Area Ski Patrol