Motorized Level 2: Avalanche Course

Motorized Level 2: Avalanche Course

February 1st through 6th, 2022 

This Level 2 avalanche course is an interactive program for aspiring backcountry riders and backcountry companions desiring greater skills and knowledge.  This course is being offered in partnership with Six Points Avalanche Education. This course consists of approximately 40% online learning time and 60% in-the-field study. Instructors and students travel in and around avalanche terrain. Online learning will take place the evening of February 1st (6 to 9 PM).  Then some in person instruction the night of the third (6 to 9 PM).  Instructors will be available for questions during this time. Expect three full field days field on the 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Field locations will most likely include Canyon Creek, Red Meadow Pass, and around Hungry Horse Reservoir.  

Transportation is on your own.  Provide your own lunches.  Wear appropriate clothing and helmet.  You are required to have a fully operational modern avalanche transceiver (457kzHz), an avalanche shovel (no plastic blades) and an avalanche probe.  Also, you must have your own registered snowmobile/snobike that is in good working order.  

Participants will learn to : 

  • Plan group travel and systematically manage hazards in avalanche terrain
  • Observe and record field observations, perform and document a test profile
  • Forecast instability and danger rating
  • Demonstrate effective communication addressing human factors
  • Conduct mock multiple burial companion recovery


  • Level 1 or Level 1 refresher in the last 5 years (note: Level 2 may not be taken in the same season as the first time completion of a Level 1) 
  • Read Staying Alive in Avalanche Terain by Bruce Tremper 
  • Attend a Partner Resuce Course 
  • Participate in classroom portion of class (both virtual and in person) 

Cost: $525 per student 



Flathead National Forest
United States
Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 1, 2022 to Sunday, February 6, 2022