Public Obervation - Glide Crack/Cornice/Avalanche activity in Swan Range

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Public Obervation - Glide Crack/Cornice/Avalanche activity in Swan Range
Swan Range - South (south of Swan Lake)
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Sat, 03/05/2016 - 12:00
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Spent four days touring within the "Bob" along the Swan Crest. A medley of avalanche activity was observed for the duration of our stay. 

Friday, (3/4), we noticed a recent cornice failure on the shoulder of Ptarmigan Peak (elevation approximately 8300ft). The cornice triggered a slab avalanche (see photo) which ran the entirety of its runout into Lick Lake. We skied an ESE aspect and found great skiing in the 7000-8000ft range. Below 7000ft, conditions deteriorated rapdily as recent storm snow began to warm rapidly. On one occasion, a small wet slab was released and ran into the bottom of the valley. "Pinwheels" and rollerballs existed and ski conditions were less-than-favorable. Better skiing was found on NE aspects. 

Saturday, (3/5), conditions changed overnight with increasing clouds and temperatures above freezing. Desirable ski conditions were found above 7500ft. Anything below this mark had been deteriorated by warming temps. 

Numerous glide cracks were observed during the duration of our tour, some "opening" noticeably over the course of four days. While touring out on Sunday (3/6), one particular glide crack (NE aspect/7600ft) had released sometime during the evening or night of 3/5,6. This particular glide crack had formed over a smooth rock surface in relatively steep terrain. 

Soaking rain greeted us upon our departure (<6500ft); lower elevation snowpacks are essentially non-existent. 

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