About Us

Based in Hungry Horse, Montana, the center covers an area of approximately 3,300 km2 that includes the Flathead, Swan and Whitefish ranges within the Flathead National Forest and portions of Glacier National Park. Avalanche advisories are regularly issued by 7:30 a.m. every day. We also host on our website an avalanche advisory for the Kootenai National Forest provided by Kootenai NF personnel on Tuesday and Friday.

The Flathead Avalanche Center (FAC) functions as a partnership between the Flathead National Forest and a 501.3c not for profit organization known as the Friends of the Flathead Avalanche Center (FOFAC). These entities have partnered through a formal agreement to provide quality avalanche information products for the public and affected agencies that include avalanche advisories and education. 

The purpose of the FAC is to inform and educate the community and businesses about the impact of snow avalanches on recreation, tourism, and industry. The goal is to help provide the public with current avalanche, snowpack and mountain weather information, as well as provide basic avalanche education and educational resources. We achieve our purpose through a dual mission of avalanche forecasting and public education. We do that by giving winter backcountry travelers the tools they need to stay alive and recreate safely in avalanche terrain.

The Flathead National Forest houses and runs the avalanche forecasting operations of the avalanche center. It provides one full,time seasonal avalanche center director and a part-time, seasonal avalanche specialist. It provides infrastructure including office space, computers, internet, phones, vehicles, fuel, safety equipment, and supervision. The avalanche specialists gather avalanche, snowpack, and weather observations then use these data to create and issue avalanche advisories and other avalanche information products.

The 501.3c not for profit organization known as the Friends of the Flathead Avalanche Center is focused on fundraising and education, and consists of a volunteer Board of Directors. The mission statement of FOFAC is to financially support Flathead Avalanche Center and save lives through avalanche education.